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About BRS

Bennett Realty Solutions is a one-of-a-kind brokerage that at its core values exceptional client service and believes in supporting and empowering your career as an agent. 

BRS offers not only unparalleled training and mentorship at every stage of your career, but also equips you with the best tools to vastly increase your income and reach your fullest potential:

  Cutting-edge proprietary Lead Generation Strategies & Techniques, 100% Commission Plans, and - unique to BRS - Real Estate Investment Education & Training!

  We're committed to your transformation from an Ordinary Agent into an Extraordinary Agent-Investor!

Robust Training & Quality Support

Robust training curriculums, professional development and quality support are critical components to your success as an agent.

BRS truly invests in you - allocating significant resources to training programs that will help you close more deals, and propel your business:

  • ​Free Access to 24/7 Online University
  • Free Weekly Industry-Expert Virtual Seminars
  • Free Informative Lunch & Learns
  • ​Free Educational & Development Webinar (Access Anytime, Anywhere)
  • ​New Agent-Investor Training and Mentoring
  • Ongoing ​Agent- Investor Coaching
  • ​Cutting-Edge Real Estate Investment Resources & Tools
  • Access to 24/7 Online University
  • Weekly in house training
  • Friday Lunch & Learns
  • ​Webinars
  • ​New Agent Mentoring
  • ​Agent Coaching
  • ​National Trainers
  • ​On going Investment Training

Advanced Technology 
High Quality Lead Generation Solutions 

 Bennett Realty Solutions' top priority is providing marketing & branding solutions for agents to leverage technology, enhance business communication, improve efficiency and rise above the competition! 

Get Free Access to kvCORE's Market Dominating Lead Generation Platform: 

Benefits of Joining Bennett Realty Solutions

  • Customizable Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • ​Marketing Automation Templates
  • ​Quality Internet Leads
  • ​High-Converting Websites
  • ​Powerful Listing Tools
  • ​Organized, User-Friendly Lead Management

Take advantage of our In-House Marketing & Sales Consultants packed with rick knowledge to...

  • Enhance Your Business Marketing & Branding
  • ​Keep Your Pipeline Full
  • ​Develop Your Business to Where the Sky is the Limit!

Free Agent Websites

Free Lead Management System

Free Email Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing Systems

Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Free CRM Tools

Free Individual Property Websites

Realtor Branded Mobile Application

Real Estate Teams

"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts"

BRS believes building teams can be a remarkable business model to get established, build your client base and expand your business at lightening speed.

* For novice real estate agents, we'll show you how teams offer a strong support system, a never-ending pipeline of leads, creativity, and astounding results.

* For experienced agents, we'll teach you how to operate your high-producing team like a well-oiled machine: hiring support staff, lead generation, team expansion, delegation & mentorship protocols, a higher volume of deals and increased profit!

An Agent-Focused  Rewarding 
Commission Structure

At Bennett Realty Solutions, we believe our agents should keep 100% of their hard-earned commission.


Gold Plan

  • 80/20 Commission - No Monthly Fee
  • $85 Transaction Fee Per Rental/Lease
  • $497 Transaction Fee Per Sale
  • ​No Franchise Fee
  • ​No Desk Fee
  • ​No Technology Fee

Platinum Plan

  • 100% Commission - $97/Mo
  • No Monthly Fee After 10 Closed Transactions Yearly
  • ​$85 Transaction Fee Per Rental/Lease
  • ​$497 Transaction Fee Per Sale
  • ​No Franchise Fee
  • ​No Technology Fee
  • ​No Annual Dues

Real Estate Investment Training & Education 

You can make a great living listing and selling real estate for others, but you won't become wealthy unless you start investing in real estate for yourself. 

Why not use the significant advantage you have as an agent to increase your income and your net worth by building your own real estate investment portfolio? 

Do you want to learn the skills to achieve a 7-figure income as an Agent-Investor?   

At BRS, we provide you with the blueprint, education and guidance to learn how to establish multiple streams of income--the key driver to building wealth. We'll teach you how to use the skills and knowledge you already possess listing and selling real estate to reap the rewards of real estate investing.

Learn More About Joining BRS!

What does our BRS Motto: “Earn More, Keep More, INVEST MORE” mean for you?  

We've combined an innovative, agent-focused commission structure with the culture, training, technology and teamwork to elevate you as an Agent-Investor to the highest levels.  

We show you how you are uniquely situated to generate multiple streams of income and secure your financial future--never living commission-to-commission, but instead building long-lasting wealth.
The only question left to ask is “What are you waiting for?” 
Schedule a Confidential Consultation TODAY to transform your FINANCIAL FUTURE!

Mission Statement

Superior client service. Maintain high-quality standards. 
Empower our Agents-Investors to build generational wealth.

Agent-Investor Tammey increased her income on one deal from $13,000 to $30,000 by using the real estate investment strategy wholesaling!

"I’ve been an agent for 25 years . . . and also an investor! I’ve been retooling … going with the plan and pursuing wholesaling. Wholesaling lets the checks come in … and it’s a good day! Focus on the end result & envision the check … they are BIG!"

-Tammey D.   

Agent-Investor Lateef added an historic property to his portfolio of investment properties!

"As an Investor/Agent, I purchased a beautiful Victorian investment home in Historic Baltimore!"

-Lateef J.   

Agent-Investor Victor closed an extra 4 investment deals in 4 months, in addition to his listings!

"I attended the real estate investment bootcamp and learned about investing. I’m excited I’ve closed an extra 4 deals in the last 4 months. I’m learning from Greg and building personal financial wealth!" 

-Victor D.

Agent-Investor Tiarra joined BRS because she could keep 100% of her commission!

"I chose to come to this brokerage because I heard amazing things about the company and the brand ... BRS' commission structure allows me to keep my money!"

-Tiarra T.

Sylvia Griffin 
BRS Investor

Amanda Leigh 
BRS Investor 

Justina Wilkins-Jordan 
BRS Agent-Investor 

Ronnie Lucas 
BRS Realtor 

Marita Yarborough 
BRS Realtor 

Marian Shakir 
BRS Agent-Investor 

Jubril Wilson 
BRS Investor 

Steve Queen 
BRS Investor 

"Switching to Bennett Realty Solutions was one of the best decisions I made for my real estate career. I now receive the support and tools necessary to be a successful agent. I have also had the pleasure to meet so many other agents that have turned into friends and family."

"I listened to Greg's advice and started taking massive action. I started putting out bandit signs in November 2018. I closed my first wholesale on December 12, 2018 (my birthday). It was a $70,000 wholesale deal! It literally changed my life! The last day at my retail job was December 31, 2018 and I have been a full real estate agent and investor ever since. Having specialized knowledge in real estate investing can not only change your life but also the lives of your family for generations to come."

"I was looking for a family-oriented brokerage that provided its agents with all the training and tools to be successful. My experience so far at Bennett Realty has been great! It has superseded my expectations. The ongoing training has given me the knowledge I need to be the best agent I can be." 

"I have enjoyed my experience with BRS. Being with a brokerage that is constantly growing and evolving in ways that not only follow trends but also support technology and the agents' interests in investing and expanding is really a motivating factor to me. Also, I enjoy being at a brokerage that is diverse in culture as well as gender success in the industry."

"Bennett Realty Solutions gave me the opportunity to expand my business around a very agent-friendly brokerage. As someone who also invested in real estate, this was an easy choice, considering all the knowledge and training that is shared here to develop more Agent-Investors. I've been very satisfied with my experience here. The whole staff is hardworking, very responsive, and certainly makes life easier for me as an agent. They've been a big part of me having so much success here at BRS."

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